manzanilla olive

is a project that belongs to many

6,000 parents who have been fighting for years in this project with effort and excitement. 6,000 voices that have been joint to give the best of this land, the best of our olives. 6,000 reasons to trust.
Manzanilla Olive is the result of various generations’ learning process. The grove has been our life, and it’ll be. We love what we do, and that is engrained in our product.
Our knowledge, experience and love for all we do make us keep on producing the best olives of Seville.


For generations we have cultivated the passion for an exceptional product. We are a family of 6,000 members working together to make the Manzanilla Olive a recognised traditional product of Sevilla.


The Manzanilla olive is an identity.

Nurturing the biodiversity, cultivated through local varieties, this product preserves the exceptional qualities of the Sevillian tradition.


From the kitchen of our grandmothers to the stoves of fine restaurants, there are few who don’t know the properties of the Manzanilla olive. Providing a flavour uniquely ours, it becomes the creative inspiration for dishes in all continents.

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The new image of Manzanilla Olive


From the Manzanilla Olive Group, we proudly present our new image, with changes in the design of our logo, in the website and in the labelling of our products. We want to adapt to current [...]

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