The olive


At Manzanilla Olive, we get the very best out of traditional table olives from Sevilla, and at the same time we are also dedicated to the production of the main product derived from the olive: olive oil.

The reason why olive trees were first domesticated was because it was known that the fruit of this tree could be used for a wide range of purposes.

Compressed ripe fruit released a thick liquid that served as a fuel, lubricant, food or a preservative. It even served for personal hygiene when applied to the skin or when used to make soap.

This has made of olive and olive oil essential commodities in many civilizations over time and also the key player of economic development producing regions such as Andalucia.

But it is indisputable the international recognition it has achieved in the last years for its culinary uses. Widespread used in Mediterranean cultures, olive oil is increasingly present in other cuisines, incorporated into a multitude of recipes and dishes.

Olive oil is recognized for its contribution to our overall health, thanks to its qualities as a natural antioxidant, containing vitamins E and K and beneficial fatty acids.


Manzanilla Olive produces two types of olive oil, always obtained by mechanical means. We use different olive varieties: Manzanilla of Sevilla, Picual, Hojiblanca, Verdial, and Lechín.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Is of a superior quality. It has an excellent aroma and flavor and its acidity is less than 0.80 degrees

Virgin Olive Oil

Offers good aroma and flavor and acidity below 2 degrees

And like the rest of our products, our olive meets the highest quality control and food safety standards, obtaining the next certifications: