that constitute the company

Manzanilla Olive is formed by people that work every day towards common objectives like the revaluation of the olive in the market and the acknowledgement of the work in the field. More than 6,000 members, field workers, got together to face the new challenges of the future.

We work together with courage and hope to bring the table olive to new heights.

Our members are grouped in first grade cooperatives that are located in the province of Sevilla:

Agrícola Carmonense,
Oleand S. Coop. And.La Puebla de Cazalla
Mairena del Alcor
Nuestra Señora Del Rosario, SCAFuentes de Andalucí
Olivarera la Campana, SCALa
San Antón,
Agrícola de Paradas,
San Roque, SCA del CampoEl Coronil--
Olivarera San Bartolomé, SCAPaterna del Campo (Huelva)
San Juan Bautista, SCA Villanueva de San Juan
Virgen del Loreto S. Coop.

“The orange tree tastes of life and the olive tree tastes of time”

Miguel Hernández