The first jars labelled under PGI Manzanilla from Seville and Gordal from Seville have been packed and can be enjoyed at your table! It’s a very important momento for everyone at Manzanilla Olive. For farmers, day laborers, engineers, packers, agrofood business and for table olive sector.

PGIs protect our product by adding value, acknowledging the importance of the olive treen in Seville and its organoleptic characteristics. Respecting the tradition of manual harvesting and lye cooking in “Sevillian style”.

These jars are the result of tons of work of everybody involved in this value added, quality, tradition project. Another recognition to the olive tree and fruit.
We’re proud to be part of this family of growers and packers from Regulatory Council of the best PGI table olives Manzanilla and Gordal from Seville. We’re proud to be working every day to defend our products.

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