Last week, the cooperative Virgen de Loreto, which produces some 6 million kgs of olives – mostly of manzanilla and gordal varieties – officially joined the 2nd Grade Group Manzanilla Olive.

With this movement, Manzanilla Olive is now formed by 10 base cooperatives and will have an approximate production of 35 million kg for next crop. Besides, it’s a milestone in Aljarafe, the north-west area of the province where the presence of the group was not as consolidated as in Campiña (south east). Also, the base cooperative will have the possibility to join a mature project seeking vertical integration, traceability and origin, to gain volume and thus compete in the markets.

Exporting company.

Manzanilla Olive, who export its farmers’ olives to EU countries such as Poland, UK, Sweden, Germany and the Baltics, is also an active exporter to the US, with approximately 45% of the export share, and expecting to reach in 2020 10 mill. € of turnover in the US, besides the 25% tariffs on green olives.
In 2019 the total export turnover was 18 mill. € expecting to reach 22 mill. in 2020, where they’re currently having a 30% growth regarding last year, despite the tariffs in the US and COVID-19 worldwide. The group focus is mostly retail, which explains the growth in a complicated year like this.