Mission, vision and values

Manzanilla Olive


The main objective of the Manzanilla Olive cooperative is to show the uniqueness and quality of the olive from Sevilla.

To achieve this it is essential to transform how we communicate about the olive and its culture. We want to make known what is behind a product so good for health and providing so many possibilities for gastronomy.

Our mission is to link traditional knowledge —a legacy passed from generation to generation— to new technologies that allow the growth of the olive industry ensuring the care and quality of the Sevillian olive, produced in the fields of our land and brought to the wider world.

It is of a great importance to value the work and effort of our Manzanilla Olive farmers and producers. We consider this essential in order to create the right mechanisms to revalue their work making the olive from Sevilla a product of excellence.


The products and services that we offer at Manzanilla Olive are a reflection of the way we understand the world, of the values that inspire and motivate us to share this project with our clients. We want this project to build a better future for the farmers and producers of the Sevillian olive.


Union: A team of 6,000 members can only work if they are united. In Manzanilla Olive we work as a cooperative: our members take decisions in a participative way.

Transparency: The effective coordination of a project of such dimensions can only be achieved through transparency. Different mechanisms such as certification and the tracking of our products allow us to be completely open to our clients. Come to Seville and meet us. Our home is always open.

Tradition: Our work at Manzanilla Olive is the result of effort of different generations of families and groves: we know our land and our products.

Care: We take care of the land and the olives because they are our life. They are not just objects to be quantified. In every olive there is a part of us.

“Where the olive tree falls from sight the Mediterranean ends”

George Duhamel