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Our certifications

We want you to trust us and our products. To achieve this we submit our processes, premises and products to the most prestigious mechanisms of internationally recognised official certification. Our management, processing and packaging are submitted to the most stringent quality control.

These certifications acknowledge our efforts. In Manzanilla Olive we have adapted the premises to provide the most competitive technology currently available. We control and take care of the whole process that the olives undergo from the field to the final packaging.

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

The certification helps to demonstrate that our olives and the rest of the products processed by Manzanilla Olive are healthy and that we submit our processes to the system of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

For further information: www.brcglobalstandards.com


IFS International Food Standard

This certification testifies that the production of olives at Manzanilla Olive is of high quality and safe, and the management of processes is efficient, committed to our clients and competitive.



Manzanilla Olive always offers you more. That is why in addition to the international certifications we have developed our own mechanisms of certification that distinguishes us from the others.

Thanks to an innovative tracking system the clients of Manzanilla Olive can know the exact route that the olives have taken from the field to the table. On each of the packages they can find information about the olive grove where the olive originates, the farmer and the process used in the dressing of the olive.

The tracking is one further exercise in transparency and bringing the consumer closer to the olive.