During the morning of July 15th, the Regulatory Council of PGI Manzanilla and Gordal from Seville, held a meeting full of decisive agreements that will strengthen and unite the table olive industry from Seville.

In this plenary session, Manzanilla Olive has been approved as registered packing industry and we’re honored to label our olives with PGIs. This has been possible with the positive report from certifying body Sohiscert. The certificates for Gordal from Seville and Manzanilla from Seville have been issued.

Antonio Jimenez Alfonso, CEO of Manzanilla Olive, said: “without any doubt, we’ve made a winning bet to continue with the legacy of Sevillian style for olive cooking and fermentation process. We’ll defend our varieties, Gordal and Manzanilla from Seville, as they deserve, making a difference regarding other varieties with different properties”.

Both the Regulatory Council and Manzanilla Olive are convinced that Andalusian rural environment is and will continue to be a prosperous and attractive place for their peoples. The olive tree from Seville has a key role due to its capacity to create jobs and wealth and be a part of the history and identity of all of us who inhabit the territory.

Today it’s a happy day for us all. We keep on moving forward.