Without even noticing, we’re at the end of the year 2015. A year in which the factory started packing activities, of never ending business trip and exhibitions, local and abroad. Meetings with customers, suppliers, presentations, etc. All these brought us closer to you, to the world.
If we make an evaluation of 2015, that’s a positive one. And that must be our motivation towards next year. It should be even more intense. All progresses should be settled and enlarged in 2016.
2015 will be remembered as a year of changes and innovations. We changed our corporate image and logo, increased our presence in social networks and made a new website. The factory was certified under the highest quality and food safety standards; we started exports to the US and opened a subsidiary Company. Last, but not least, a new olive oil business unit was created.
All these events in took place in one, intense year for Manzanilla Olive Group. And this is just the beginning, as it is our aim to continue offering hard work and commitment to our farmers, since now we know we’ll be able to fulfill the promise we made:
To lead the change in the Andalusian olive growing business.

We hope to keep growing our strength and motivation from the trust our farmers, cooperatives, customers, workers and all those who already know Manzanilla Olive name and link it to Seville, the grooves, the farmers, the olive tree and the product.