The olives

and Sevilla

Sevilla is our home and the home of the olives we produce. From the knowledge of generational teachings and decades of work, we have learnt to understand that our olives are special because they are part of the place where they come from; the roots also bring nourishment from the people and their history.

It is very important that the olives are grown in a manner that respects the environment and promotes traditional values of agriculture, supporting biodiversity.

Our main varieties —manzanilla and gordal— are a good example of the climate, the landscape and its people present in the quality of the final product.

Working together we are growing and creating an authentic, exceptional olive. Manzanilla Olive is positioned as a Sevillian identity that echoes, through its products, the values of the land.

Sevilla has special characteristics that encourage and motivate us to preserve the unique qualities that its olives show.

Biodiversity as a value

Not until the beginning of the 90´s did it become evident that the biodiversity of plants and animals are important for the good functioning of our ecosystems.

We feel proud in Manzanilla Olive of contributing to the maintenance of biodiversity. Our farmers have been cultivating for many years, more than 20 varieties of olive trees that have different uses and functions. Without a doubt, these traditional varieties contribute to the biological diversity of our ecosystems.

Thus we have initiated a process, together with other social actors in the sector, to highlight the two main traditional varieties that we produce. We have constituted the Association for the Promotion of Manzanilla and Gordal varieties of Sevillian Olives. With the support of provincial and regional institutions, we are working to ensure that these two varieties achieve the status of Protected Geographical Indication, a mark of European quality that distinguishes the products for its quality and tradition.

For further information on APAS and IGP Sevillian Manzanilla and the IGP Sevillian Gordal, click here:

la biodiversidad como valor

There are 105.324 hectares of olive trees grown to produce table olives in Andalucia

(Libro Blanco de los RRFFGG, 2009)