In the words of our president

“Manzanilla Olive is a project that belongs to many. Mothers and fathers who, with hope and effort, have been fighting for this dream for years.

6,000 voices came together to give you the best of this land, the best of our olives. 6,000 reasons to trust.

Manzanilla Olive is the result of several generations´ learning. The olive grove has been our life, and it will continue to be so. We love what we do and that is engrained in each one of our products.

Our knowledge, our experience and our love for what we do drives us to produce the best olives of Sevilla.

Manuel Guillén. Presidente de Manzanilla Olive

Manzanilla Olive:
6,000 reasons to trust us

We collect the olives from the groves; we bring them to our premises, and prepare them with devotion so they become the stronghold of the Mediterranean diet. Through collaboration and cooperative work, we are a part of each step in this process. After this, we let them go so that millions of people can enjoy the taste of our land, the olive we have worked and cared for. This is our tradition. It is our passion.

We are a family of tradition. A family with 6,000 members that dedicate their lives to ensure that the olives from Seville are of the best quality.

We have grown together with the olives of our land, feeling the years passing in every root, every branch, and every knot in the bark. We have grown and lived walking the land that our ancestors cultivated, witnessing the olive picking [verdeo] each autumn, the pruning in the winter, the ploughing when spring arrives and the irrigation during the summer

Did you know that…?

Spain is the country where more olives are cultivated and that Turkey is the main consuming country?

Did you know that…?

Manzanilla Olive, even though we are young, is at the top of the six first olive producers in Spain?

Did you know that…?

The production of Manzanilla Olive supposes the farming of more than 10,000 hectares of the table olive?