Table olives and olive oil did not always have the recognition of natural healthy product. Luckily, the trend seems to be changing in the last few years..

It is said that olives and olive oil are highly caloric, they’re fattening, they’re useless for cooking and low acidity olive oil are better for cooking. Those are all myths created due to lack of information or to promote other edible oils, not as natural or healthy as olive oil. Few people know that extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality, most beneficial and with the biggest quantity of sensorial features.

But you have to think to yourself why has olive tree been grown since ancient times? Due to the knowledge of its many beneficial properties, well known and valued by several civilizations.


Existence since ancient times”


  • In anciente Greece, transport of olive oil was guaranteed by a fleet of oil ships.
  • Homer defined olive oil as “liquid gold”.
  • Legends such as foundation of Athens in Greece, or Testaccio Mountain in Rome, present olive tree and olive oil as important figures.
  • Romans requested from conquered territores tax payments in olive oil.



Very few foods can show off such a long presence through time and such well gained reputation.



It is high time our consumer would enjoy and demand in their tables. We should celebrate the arrival of the harvest in each olive village.

It is high time we were aware that table olives are healthy food, that olive oil is fruit juice and not only vegetable fat.

This is the real olive culture, to contribute for future generations to know and appreciate the value of our olives and olive oils.

Once upon a time, sweet oils were preferred, but now there’s a new trend. Consumers choose oils smelling like healthy nature, open fields and fresh fruit. Besides, when they discover that bitterness and spiciness come from phenols – antioxidants which protect us from free radicals – consumers no longer choose refined olives.

It’s already been told by our poets…..

Orange tree tastes like life

And olive tree tastes like time …

Miguel Hernández