The popularity of organic products, produced without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, free of antibiotics or growing hormones, has significantly increased all over the world.

Sales of this products have increased in the last years and many consumers are willing to pay a higher price for organic. There are many reasons why these products are considered beneficial:


Health Benefits


We all know organic are products free from toxic residues. But if we go beyond the health, there are some other reasons for the consumption of organic products. Among them, the concern about effects from conventional growing and farming in our environment. Also, animal well-being. Our meditation is in that sense. Let’s think about well-being of farmers and avoid manipulation of chemicals.


For sustainability and a balance in nature


Let’s think about the interest this change might awaken for the new generation of farmers. These are environmentally friendly production methods, avoiding pollution in soils and flora.


Let’s think about the consequences of the global warming, as organic encourages to reduce the use of CO2.

Let’s think about biodiversity, as it contributes to the development of different species, many of them under threat, in protected habitats.  The use of animals and plants adapted to life conditions in every particular area is promoted by organic farming.

Let’s think about animal well-being, as organic farming allows animals to grow naturally and in appropriate conditions of space and feeding.

Let’s think about development and equality for developing emerging countries, as organic farming will propel progress.

Let’s think…against an intensive model wasting natural resources organic farming uses them in an environmentally friendly way, helping to keep balance in nature and granting the future.